How Do You Treat Pseudogynecomastia?


Whenever men are bothered by the enlargement of their breasts, this is simply due to two things – either they feel pain from it or they are embarrassed about it. Most people think that men getting large breasts is normal, especially amongst those who have large body structure. But this entirely depends on what kind of lifestyle or hormonal levels their body is producing. If the enlargement of their breasts is due to being overweight, it may be pseudogynecomastia. But if its a normal reaction or other underlying condition wherein one of its causes is excessive breast tissue, it is gynecomastia. In this article, it focuses more on pseudogynecomastia.

Male PseudogynecomastiaGynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia are often misunderstood because they physically look the same, but the characteristics each possess are different. Pseudogynecomastia is all about the fatty deposits in the breasts. Gynecomastia is about excessive tissue in the breasts. Comparing both, the former is easy to treat compared to the latter, although it can also depend on the underlying cause. Gynecomastia mostly regresses over time in less than two years, although there are certain cases that goes beyond that. If its the case, patients are recommended to undergo treatment or just take medication. This also means that not every enlarged breasts have gynecomastia, but men having this condition and feel bothered by it should seek medical attention rather then do their own diagnosis. This is to prevent using the wrong treatment procedure designed for gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia.

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How Pseudogynecomastia is Treated

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Unlike gynecomastia which is treated either through surgery, medication or just leaving it alone, pseudogynecomastia can be dealt with treatment like the use of the gynexin medication or frequent exercising. This means that you need to lose weight, since its underlying cause is the build up of fatty tissues into your breasts. Reducing the fat of your body will also affect the fat in your breasts. Although chest exercises can help reduce the size of your breast, it is best to include the entire body for exercises in order to balance out the weight loss. Exercising is the most effective way to reduce body fat and the fatty deposits in the body. Some suggestions include working out at gyms, cardio or aerobics, and each of these must be done regularly. The faster the weight loss will be if done at least 30 minutes to an hour daily. Start with 10-15 minutes first if your body is not used to exercising, and gradually build up on doing more until your body gets used to it. Don’t forget – it will be more effective if you commit to your exercises daily.

The effectiveness of weight loss is doubled if you pair it with the proper diet. Don’t go skipping meals – it will cause a hormonal imbalance instead. Just eat small amounts yet varied meals. Take a snack that is 100 to 200 worth calories in between meals.

If exercising does not seem to affect breast reduction, it is gynecomastia. You will need to undergo an exam in order to make sure what other underlying causes your body is experiencing.