Want To Get Six Pack Abs

Whenever we see the movie stars with perfect bodies, every one of us wants to have fit body like them. Almost every man wants to have six Pack abs to impress the girls! I cannot help you much if you ask me how to impress girls! However if you want to achieve six pack abs, then in that case you have come to the right person. I am part of the health and fitness world for more than 15 years. My name is Sam Jacob and I can help you achieve the six pack abs. You have to be very consistent with your exercise routine and you also have to be focused on your goal, as achieving the six pack abs is the most difficult task. You have to remember one thing and that is to consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine. So are you ready to get ripped abs like the celebrities?

Before starting the training for the abs, you first have to lose the extra weight so that the extra layer of fat on your abs is removed. Three things are important when you want to have ripped abs. They are as follows.

  • Diet

six pack absOnly working out in the gym or at home is not enough for achieving six pack abs. For perfect abs, you have to take three meals a day and also have snacks in between. You have to ensure that there is at least one complex carbohydrate in every meal and your snacks should be protein rich.

  • Cardio

If you want to lose your weight rapidly so that you can start working on your abs, then cardio exercises are best for you. At least 3 times a week and for at least 30 minutes, you will have to engage in any cardio activity like running, swimming or riding bicycle.

  • Strength training

Strength training focused on your abs is the last thing which is important. Leg lifts and crunches work best for these areas.

Once you have achieved the necessary weight loss and have started on strength training, you can do any of the following exercises for achieving the sculpted abs.

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  1. Hip Raises

This exercise means lying down on your back and keeping your legs in vertical position at 90 degree angle. Raise your hips slowly and bring it back on the floor. There should be no jerks and your neck should be relaxed.

  1. Crunches using the stability ball

You can use the stability ball for doing this type of crunches. Keep the ball in your legs and lie down. Keep your hands behind your neck and bend your knees a little. For doing a double crunch, bring your shoulders and knees towards each other. Relax to earlier position and repeat.

  1. Side bending

Take a dumbbell in your right hand, keep your shoulders straight and bend to the right side. Repeat this exercise to both sides.

  1. Reverse crunches

Lie down on the floor and bend your legs at knee and keep your calves parallel to the floor. Raise your hips just like the hip raises and back.

There are many more exercises for achieving perfect abs, more on those in my next blog.